Have a metal roof or building? Worried about leaks or rust? American Roofing has the solution!




Metal roof restoration is one of our many specialties. The rubber coating can stop leaks and rust, and can save you thousands on future roof replacements. It also protects the metal and can save you money on utilities.

With 5, 10 or 20 year warranties available, we can help you postpone having to replace your roof for many years, and in the process, save you thousands on costly repairs.



A new coating for your metal roof can extend its life by many years. We have several leading solutions - contact us today!



More Details

The unique rubberized coating is white, providing a solar reflectance of 82%, leading to a surface temperature drop of up to 90 degrees, thus keeping the inside of your building cooler during the West Texas sunny days. With no need for existing roof removal, these coatings allow us to work swiftly and quietly without interfering with daily life or business.

Call American Roofing today at 806-866-2642 to schedule your free roof consultation. We will work with you to preserve and extend the life of your metal roof to the maximum possible.